Patch EM13c

After installing EM13c, you may want to install the latest patches as well. We’ll start with OPatch and OMSPatcher. Download the following patches from Oracle Support: => OPatch => OMSPatch Go to your patching staging area: cd /app/oracle/media/patches unzip Check the existing versions: [oracle@oms13c]$ $OMS_HOME/OMSPatcher/omspatcher version OMSPatcher Version: OPlan Version: OsysModel…

Get the list of patches

set lin 600 col action format a10 col namespace format a7 col version format a10 col bundle_series format a30 col comments format a30 select id,action,namespace,version,bundle_series,comments from registry$history; Another solution: cat /u01/app/oracle/product/