ora-27086 unable to lock file already in use netapp nfs

So….the server crashed and after reboot I got something like this:

Wed DEC 04 22:51:55 EST 2013
ORA-00210: cannot OPEN the specified control file
ORA-00202: control file: '/path/control01.ctl'
ORA-27086: unable TO LOCK file - already IN USE
Linux-x86_64 Error: 11: Resource temporarily unavailable
Additional information: 8
Wed DEC 04 22:51:55 EST 2013
ORA-205 signalled during: ALTER DATABASE   MOUNT...

This is a classic symptom of a Netapp problem, which likes to hold file locks open on NFS mounts.
There is a standard procedure for clearing those locks; see, for instance, document 429912.1 on Metalink.

As root on the NetApp, from the prompt:

priv set advanced
sm_mon -l 
# to check where are the locks do this:
lock status -h <DB_SERVER>
# to break the locks do this:
lock break -h <DB_SERVER>

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