EM 12c, 13c: Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Agent Install Fails at Initialization Step With Error: SSH daemon (sshd) is not running on port 22

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This error can occur due to one of the following reasons:

1. SSH port 22 is blocked by proxy / firewall on the Target machine
2. SSH is not running on the Target machine
3. SSH daemon is running on non-default port (other than 22)

1. Verify that the SSH port 22 is not blocked from the OMS host using the following command (a blocked port will be indicated, a free port will result in no response):

telnet 22

2. Verify that SSH is running on the target host using

ps -ef | grep ssh
 netstat -anp | grep 22

The Prerequisites for 12c Agent installation using Push Method clearly states that the SSH daemon should be running on the default port (that is, 22) on all the destination hosts.

3. If SSH on the target host is running on a non-default port, then update the SSH_PORT property in $/oui/prov/resources/Paths.properties as below:

  • If you are installing on target A where SSH is running on port 99; then you would need to make the above change. If the next Agent Deployment is on target B where SSH is running on default port 22; then you will need to revert the changes to set SSH_PORT= or SSH_PORT=22 in $/oui/prov/resources/Paths.properties file.
  • You cannot install Agents on target X and target Y at the same time, if they have SSH running on different ports.

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