Installing SQLcl

SQLcl is the new command line tool from Oracle, more specifically from the SQL Developer team. It is currently an Early Adopter (EA) release and you can download it from: Source: Installing SQLcl  

Patch EM13c

After installing EM13c, you may want to install the latest patches as well. We’ll start with OPatch and OMSPatcher. Download the following patches from Oracle Support: => OPatch => OMSPatch Go to your patching staging area: cd /app/oracle/media/patches unzip Check the existing versions: [oracle@oms13c]$ $OMS_HOME/OMSPatcher/omspatcher version OMSPatcher Version: OPlan Version: OsysModel…

Install EM13c in silent mode

Suppose you have already the server created. As root user install the necessary packages for EM13c: yum install make -y yum install binutils -y yum install gcc -y yum install libaio -y yum install glibc-common -y yum install libstdc++ -y yum install libXtst -y yum install sysstat -y yum install glibc -y yum install glibc-devel…

How to get the response file for a silent install of EM13c

[oracle@oms13c]$  ./em13200_linux64.bin -getResponseFileTemplates -outputLoc /app/oracle/media 0%……………………………………………………………….100% Launcher log file is /app/em13-temp/OraInstall2018-05-23_10-10-54AM/launcher2018-05-23_10-10-54AM.log. Copying response file template(s) to /app2/oracle/media …   Copying response file template software_only.rsp   Copying response file template new_install.rsp   Copying response file template upgrade.rsp Finished copying response file template(s) The log(s) can be found here: /app/em13-temp/OraInstall2018-05-23_10-10-54AM.

X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.

This is a nice one, while you’re configuring the ssh port forwarding to get your display from the source server onto destination server using SUDO. In case you don’t know the oracle user’s password on the destination server, but you have sudo privilege, you’re going to do something like this: On the source: Change the…

List all running jobs

SET PAUSE ON SET PAUSE ‘Press Return to Continue’ SET PAGESIZE 60 SET LINESIZE 300 SET VERIFY OFF SELECT a.job “Job”, a.sid, a.failures “Failures”, Substr(To_Char(a.last_date,’DD-Mon-YYYY HH24:MI:SS’),1,20) “Last Date”, Substr(To_Char(a.this_date,’DD-Mon-YYYY HH24:MI:SS’),1,20) “This Date” FROM dba_jobs_running a /

How to clone Oracle Software (11g/12c/18c) fast and easy on Linux and AIX

For AIX there is an extra step. When I ran the on AIX, I got the following message: [oracle@PROD software]$ $ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin/perl $ORACLE_HOME/clone/bin/ ORACLE_BASE=/app/oracle ORACLE_HOME=/app/oracle/product/ ORACLE_HOME_NAME=OH_18000 Your platform requires the root user to perform certain pre-clone OS preparation. The root user should run the shell script ‘’ before you proceed with cloning. can be…